1. Confection


Modern day’s products need to be stitched at highest quality level. We give great importance to confection of textile products as it is really important both for durability as well as look of items.

All kinds of stitching & quilting machines are available. We can do various kinds of stitching functions such as Hem Stitch, Pin-tuck etc.


Packaging is extremely important in order to generate higher profits for our buyers as well enhance their sales/turnovers, hence benefit from increased orders. We are well known for better presentation skills of final products of every kind.

We try to pack finished products in the best possible ways keeping in mind instructions of our valued customers and ensure uniform standards of such sample packing all over the shipment.

2. Weaving

Our state of the art weaving facility with air jet and projectile looms supported by latest back process technology ensures high quality greige fabrics for all applications;
Plain Fabrics, Sheeting Fabrics, Poplin Fabrics, Herringbone, Twills & Drills, Sateens, Slub Fabrics, Stretch Fabrics, Panama Fabrics etc.

List of Machinery:

Sulzer Looms (Wider Width high RPMs from 75” upto 153”)
Air-Jet (Tsudakoma Japan from 500 to 1200Rpms (Width 190cm to 340cm)
Auto-Power, Auto Dropper

3. Processing

Our mega production facilities are capable of Printing 2.5 million meters and Dyeing 1.2 million meters per month. We are renowned for the finest printing in Pakistan with 20 colors upto 126" width.
State of the art dyeing is possible in pigment, reactive & VAT dyes, besides finishes, various other treatments such as stain release, water repellant, fire retardant and crease recovery are possible.
Our processing equipment includes latest Rotary Printing Machines, Continuous Dyeing Ranges Thermosol and Pad Steam, Continuous Open width Bleaching ranges. Sanforizing, Mercerizing, Raising machines. Calendars, a Sueding Plant, Automatic Color Dispensing and Screen Engraving Equipment.

List of Machinery:

  1. Bleaching range (Both Continuous Plant & Care Bleach)
  2. Singeing & desizing
  3. Dyeing Range, Dyeing Jiggers (130” Thermosole Dyeing Machine)
  4. Rotary Printing Machines (Reggiani + Zimmer) upto 20colors
  5. Flat Bed Printing Machine (Latest Reggiani Machines for Panel Printing)
  6. Roller Printing Machines
  7. Baking Machines
  8. Stenters fitted with electronic weft straighteners Mahlo Systems
  9. Sanforizing Machine (130”)
  10. Mercerizing Machine (130”)
  11. Calanders
  12. CAD / CAM System
  13. Film Plotter
  14. Colour Scanner
  15. Colour Kitchen
  16. Raising Machines